Our schedule is generally quite busy so we highly recommend booking an appointment for consultations, tattoos and touch ups, however we do accept walk-ins for tattoos and consultations on a first come first serve basis. Currently, all appointments must be made in person or via phone.

Contact the studio at: 727.804.1014

Consultations are free and are limited to 30 minutes so please come prepared. If you require more time please let us know when booking the appointment so we schedule enough time with the artist.

All tattoo and consultation appointments will be confirmed by email or text message. Please provide a valid email address and or phone number when booking your appointment.

Prior to your tattoo, your artist will provide a non colored line art sketch to view in person for proofing purposes and a minor revision, if needed. (No designs will be sent via email or other method) If you require any extensive changes or an entirely new design you will be charged for this. So please know what you want and provide reference materials if needed.

We require 48 hours notice by phone for any cancellations or rescheduling. We will contact you to confirm your changes or cancellation. See Deposit Policy Below.

Client is required to put down a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit when scheduling a tattoo appointment. A minimum of $60 is required to hold your date and time. The deposit is required for all appointments and is due before any drawing commences or tattoo appointments are booked. Deposit will be honored towards the final price of tattoo desired or may be carried over to another appointment (multi-session tattoo). Deposit will be valid for 6 months. The following will result in forfeiture of your deposit entirely:

-Client reschedules appointment more than two times.

-Client is more than 30 minutes late to appointment without prior notification.

-Client does not show up for scheduled appointment.

-Client cancels or reschedules appointment less than 48 hours prior to scheduled appointment time.

-Client changes tattoo concept and/or design less than 48 hours prior to scheduled appointment time.

-Client switches artists after deposit is made.

Please Note:

Any changes to your tattoo may change the pricing of agreed price or estimate. It is your responsibility to be in communication with the shop to reschedule. The artist has the right to reschedule my appointment if necessary. Our artists are human, and sometimes are sick, injured, or may become unavailable for personal reasons. If your artist has to reschedule your appointment, the deposit WILL be put towards the new appointment. Your deposit will come off of the price of your final tattoo session. We accept deposits in person and via phone.

Once again, Deposits are Non-Refundable.

Generally, your tattoo is priced based on an hourly rate. In some cases, “by the piece” pricing is utilized based on size, color, detail and placement. We will provide you with a quote prior to your tattoo. Some exceptions do apply. Any changes in design size, detail, coloring may change the price of your tattoo. If you don’t sit well or you require a lot of breaks this can and additional time to the tattoo process and and this can change the price of your tattoo. Please note, cover ups are priced differently. Pricing will be discussed prior to the time of your tattoo.

We accept cash, debit or credit. You will be charged at the end of each tattoo session for the time tattooed that day or price previously agreed upon.

A 3.0% surcharge will be added to all credit/debit transactions.

Once your tattoo is finished the artist will confirm with you that you are happy with your tattoo. If you decide after you have left that you would like more done to it you will be charged for this.

We guarantee our art, so free touch ups on our work for the first 90 days providing you have followed our aftercare instructions provided by your artist upon completion of you tattoo. We are NOT responsible for any damage caused by failure to comply with aftercare instructions or by neglect or engaging in activities causing damage to the tattoo.

Please understand that high wear areas such as hands, feet, necks, elbows, wrists are not always guaranteed for touch ups as these areas are harder and may take longer to heal. This will be discussed further prior to your tattoo.

We generally do not tattoo fingers, lips, toes or ears nor do we recommend white ink tattoos NO guarantee will be given on any such tattoo as they (the tattoo) do not last.

All clients MUST provide a valid (Non-Expired) government issued photo ID prior to being tattooed. Accepted forms of identification are; driver’s license, state issued ID card or passport. 18 & Up only. We Do Not tattoo minors.

Sunset Tattoos Reserves The Right To Refuse Service At Our Discretion.